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Shiao-Pei Weathers is a neuro-oncologist with clinical and research experience in primary brain tumors, specifically gliomas.  She has contributed to clinical research in gliomas by acting as either PI or co-investigator for a number of clinical trials for patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma and recurrent glioblastoma.  In addition to developing new protocol concepts with targeted therapies, immunotherapy including cellular therapies, or other rationale combination treatment strategies, she is involved in and has served as PI in conducting research evaluating symptom burden and quality of life in patients with gliomas.  In her role as a clinical researcher, she collaborates with multiple researchers from different departments to develop unique multidisciplinary treatment approaches to improve survival and the quality of life for patients with gliomas.  She serves as the Director of the MD Anderson Neuro-Oncology Fellowship Program, Clinical Medical Director for the Brain and Spine Center, and the Director of MD Anderson’s brain tumor support group named MD Anderson BEST (Brain tumor Education and Support Together). Dr. Weathers is currently an assistant professor with the Department of Neuro-oncology at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.