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Nada Jabado, MD, PhD, is a Professor of Pediatrics at McGill University and a pediatric neuro-oncologist at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. She completed her residency in pediatrics with a specialization in hemato-oncology and obtained a PhD in Immunology. She pioneered a research program in pediatric brain tumors at McGill where her group identified a new molecular mechanism driving pediatric high grade astrocytomas, namely recurrent somatic driver mutations in the tail of histone 3 variants (H3.3 and H3.1), which has created a paradigm shift in cancer with the identification of histone mutations in human disease. 

Dr. Jabado has over 200 peer-reviewed publications in such prominent journals as Nature, Science and Cell with over 27,000 citations. Dr. Jabado has been inducted as a Fellow to the Royal Society of Canada and holds a Canada Research Chair in Pediatric Oncology.