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Annette Molinaro, PhD, research interest and expertise are focused on developing and implementing statistical and machine learning methods in cancer research, spanning basic research, translational, and clinical studies. In her current roles as the Director of Biomedical Statistics and Informatics for the UCSF Department of Neurological Surgery and Biostatistics Core Director for both the Brain SPORE and Program Project, Dr. Molinaro advises study design and modeling, and analyzes data from all UCSF Brain Tumor Center projects in imaging, genetics, genomics, epidemiology and immunology. For example, this may involve predicting clinical outcomes from enormous datasets like DNA sequencing arrays, or large-scale epidemiology studies. In addition, she is deeply involved in the design and analysis of both adult and pediatric clinical trials offered here at UCSF.  She also has designed and oversees the coordinated acquisition of all clinical, imaging, and genomic data in Neurological Surgery in the Brain Tumor Center Database (BTCDB).