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Susan Chang, MD is an active member of the multi-disciplinary Brain Tumor Center with a major research focus on the development of novel therapies for patients, as well as the assessment of novel imaging markers of prognosis and response to therapy. She is currently the principal investigator and co-investigator on more than 15 active clinical trials that evaluate the wide spectrum of therapeutic interventions that span chemotherapy, targeted agents, immunotherapy and convection enhanced delivery of novel agents. Dr. Chang's clinical service and patient experience has underlined the importance of translating novel basic science discovery to the clinic. As program leader for the Neuro-Oncology Program at the Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, her role is to provide the overall direction of the program and facilitate the interaction of the basic science and translational research programs with the clinical team to bring novel findings from the lab to the patient. She is the Co-PI of the UCSF SPORE project that addresses the evaluation of steady and dynamic metabolic imaging in glioblastoma and has been lead and contact PI for a P01 which has been focused on integrating advances in physiologic and metabolic imaging with tissue biomarkers in order to optimize the management of patients with glioma.  One of the advanced imaging research areas focuses on the translation of hyperpolarized C13 metabolic imaging, and she is the PI of several NIH projects evaluating the role as a non-invasive correlate of tumor burden and a biomarker of early response to therapy. In addition, she serves as the Director of the Glioblastoma Precision Medicine Program that consists of 5 projects aimed at leveraging the molecular and cytogenetic characteristics of glioblastoma to develop new treatments. In addition to her research efforts.  Dr. Chang has also created novel clinical programs such as the Gordon Murray Caregiver program and the Sheri Sobrato Brisson Brain Tumor Survivorship Program, both developed to enhance the care of patients and families.