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SNO/NCI Joint Symposium: Targeting CNS Tumor Metabolism  

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Held virtually April 6-7, 2021, the SNO-NCI Joint Symposium: “Targeting CNS Tumor Metabolism” fostered collaboration in the area of metabolism that positively influenced outcomes for patients with CNS cancers.

Participants gained the understanding in CNS tumor metabolism via the use of state-of-the-art techniques; the interaction between the metabolism and the other -omics such as epigenomics, transcriptomics, as well as the current standard of care; and the challenges in targeting the metabolic signaling pathways.

Sessions and Abstract Topics:  

  1. Epigenome, Transcriptome, Metabolome and Modeling
  2. Metabolic Biomarkers and Imaging
  3. Metabolic Drug Targets, Resistance
  4. Metabolic Fluxes and Signaling of Metabolic Pathways
  5. Technologies for Studying Brain Metabolism  

Keynote Speakers
Paul Mischel, MD, Distinguished Professor, University of California San Diego
Craig Thompson, MD, President and CEO, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Invited Speakers
Daniel Cahill, MD, PhD, Harvard Medical School
Sabrina Ronen, PhD, University of California, San Francisco
Ovidiu Andronesi, MD, PhD, Harvard Medical School
Christian Metallo, PhD, University of California San Diego
Houtan Noushmehr, PhD, Henry Ford Cancer Institute

Scientific Program Committee
Mioara Larion, PhD, National Institutes of Health (NCI Program Co-Chair)
Elizabeth Maher, MD, PhD, UT Southwestern Medical Center (SNO Program Co-Chair)
Mark Gilbert, MD, National Institutes of Health (NCI Institutional Chair)
Gelareh Zadeh, MD, PhD, University of Toronto (SNO Institutional Chair)

Thanks to the generosity of the Dabbiere family, the entire SNO-NCI Joint Symposium: Targeting CNS Tumor Metabolism was made available to the neuro-oncology community at no charge. SNO also thanks Agilent for providing support for this event.