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Input Requested:
Bridging the Gap Between Academic and Community Centers in Neuro-Oncology Clinical Trials 


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The SNO External Relations Committee seeks to bridge the gap between academic and community oncology centers in the care of neuro-oncology patients.

As part of our efforts, we seek to better understand barriers that may impede collaboration between institutions, including access to clinical trials and the internal barriers within treatment centers that may delay or prevent enrollment in clinical trials. Minimizing these barriers aims to increase time-specific access to second opinions and clinical trials while maintaining as much continuity of care as close to home as possible. Methods being explored include a comprehensive database of trials offered in various regions, local and regional resources to support patients with travel (if needed), accessible contact information of providers in brain tumor centers, and future education that SNO can develop specifically for community providers.

This survey is intended for all who work with patients and clinical trials and should take ten minutes to complete. Please choose the track as directed by the survey which is most appropriate to your specific role in inpatient care or patient support. We appreciate your time completing the survey to provide us with the data needed to formulate and implement an actionable plan. We also ask that you share the survey with those in your professional network by forwarding this email as appropriate.

Warm regards,
The SNO External Relations Committee

Erin Dunbar, MD
    Vinay Puduvalli, MD
    MD Anderson Cancer Center