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SNO Learning Modules
An overview of topics in the field of Neuro-Oncology

The Society for Neuro-Oncology is dedicated to providing high-quality education to its members. To that end, the Education Committee developed the SNO Learning Modules, which features a diverse group of topics in neuro-oncology that are pre-recorded and viewable on-demand through the SNO Online Learning Center. The topics included within the modules are designed to provide an overview for the early-career to mid-career professional. 

Current SNO Learning Modules

Future SNO Learning Modules

The Education Committee plans to introduce future modules on topics including clinical trials, palliative care, rare and uncommon brain and spinal cord tumors, primary brain tumors, and diagnosis and response. SNO is continuously expanding its educational reach and platforms, and this initiative will eventually evolve into the SNO Online Academy. The work already gathered by expert speakers from 26 institutions will help build the initial platform. 

About the Education Committee

Chairs: Isabel Arillaga-Romany, Patrick Wen
Committee Members: Nancy Ann Oberheim Bush, Erin Dunbar, Maria-Beatriz Lopes, David Schiff

The Education Committee advises the Board and administrative staff regarding the direction and implementation of the long-term education and training goals of the Society for Neuro-Oncology.

If you have ideas or topics you would like for us to consider for future modules, please email Shelley Pressley , or complete the online form .