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In order to evaluate the impact of grief experienced by neuro-oncology health care providers, a novel survey, the Neuro-Oncology Grief Index (NOGI) was created.

This survey, adapted from the previously validated Texas Revised Grief Inventory Scale and the Brief-Cope questionnaire, has been created to assess grief and coping behaviors used by those working in neuro-oncology. By completing this survey, your responses will be used to estimate the prevalence of grief experienced by those working in neuro-oncology and help us better understand coping behaviors of healthcare providers after the death of a patient. With this information, more appropriate strategies can be established to improve the way healthcare providers address grief; particularly in those working in neuro-oncology.

To complete the grief survey, click here.

If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact Dr. Shlomit Yust Katz at [email protected]. This study has been approved by the IRB of the Davidoff Cancer Center.